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Maple Syrup Products

8 Oz Bottles

We feel these 8 Oz bottles are an  economical way for customers to buy and use smaller quantities of Maple Syrup. They also make excellent gifts. The 8 oz bottles are usually available in either Rocky Ridge Gold or Frontier Style flavors. Order On-line


8 Oz Sugar Shacks

The 250 ml (8 Oz) glass maple sugar cabins  make a great house warming gift, or a gift for the person who has everything. For best appearance, cabins are bottled in Rocky Ridge Gold brand only.

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250 ml Maple Leafs

These 250 ml (about 8 oz) Maple Leafs make great gifts and wedding favors. You will find these leafs sell for much more in gift shops. The 250 ml leaf bottles are usually available in either Rocky Ridge Gold or Frontier Style flavors.  Order On-line

100 ml Maple Leafs


Have you ever wanted to give someone a token of your thanks when they refuse to take money. These 100 ml (about 4 Oz) leafs are a great way to say thanks in a way people will accept. Keep a 12-pack on hand for those special times when you want to show your appreciation. Available only in our Gold brand.  Order On-line

8 Oz Deer or Moose

The 250 ml (about 8 oz)  Moose and Deer bottles are a great item for the cabin or hunting camp gifts. In addition to being attractive, these bottles have screw caps and are easy to refill, making them great table pieces for serving 100% pure maple syrup. To make them more unique, we bottle the Deer with the Rocky Ridge Gold flavor and the Moose with the Frontier Style flavor.  Order On-line

Glass Pints

Pint bottles are a practical and economical way for many people to use maple syrup. They allow you to have a smaller quantity of syrup open and any one time and therefore take up less room in the frig.   Order On-line


Plastic Quarts Packs

Quarts are the most economical way to use larger quantities of maple syrup. We package them in plastic to save shipping costs. Quarts are available in all three of our flavors: Rocky Ridge Gold, Frontier Style, and Rustic Dark.

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Maple Cream and Candy Products

Maple Cream

We make our Maple cream by boiling golden light maple syrup until it reaches a temperature of 24 degrees above the boiling point of water. It is then quickly cooled and whipped into a delicious creamy texture that makes a great topping for ice cream, pancakes, waffles, toast, or vanilla wafers. Some folks just like to eat it out of the tub. Try some and enter our maple cream uses contest.

Maple cream must be kept refrigerated even before opening.

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Maple Sugar leafs

Prior to 1900, most of the maple sap was boiled down to make maple sugar. Maple sugar is made by boiling the maple sap or maple syrup to at least 32 degrees above the boiling point of water. The molten sugar is then beat using a special maple candy machine until it looses its luster and is poured into molds.


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